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Current Sample Projects


Crisis Communications for Private Equity-Owned Companies

LaBreche is the preferred provider of crisis communications for companies owned by the leading Midwest private equity firm. Because the firm wants to protect the businesses and reputations of the companies it owns, it strongly encourages those companies to get crisis communications plans in place. And, when a crisis does strike, LaBreche is the go-to source for managing vital communications.

Bringing Traditional PR Programs into the Age of Modern Marketing

An international network of law firms called on LaBreche to assess the PR approach it had been using for many years. Because both the legal and PR industries are changing, the organization suspected there may be a better way to invest in and get more value from PR. The recommendation was a new approach to content marketing, with media placements as a key component, that would boost the company’s visibility and lead generation.



Agencies Without Strategists Work with LaBreche

A marketing agency with clients in need of strategy just lost their in-house strategist. They added LaBreche to their team on an “of-counsel” basis. Now, their team is complete (without the high cost of a FTE strategist), and they can offer branding, content and communications strategy to their clients.

Enhancing Visibility for Investment Fund

Partners at a successful fund that invests in women-owned businesses needed broader visibility to attract other funds for co-investing in their portfolio companies. The company turned to LaBreche to build thought leadership, particularly through content strategy and online content marketing.

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Management Meeting

New Role for Founder of Family Owned Business

The CEO of a national multi-location business must evolve to a new role as the visionary of the company. Traveling to meet face-to-face with teams throughout the U.S. is no longer possible. Yet, as the company experiences growth, this leader's engagement with managers and employees is as important as ever. LaBreche is strategizing new ways the CEO can reach and engage all employees, using technology and well-planned message cascading processes.

National Launch of Healthy Eating Incentive Technology Platform

Eating healthy costs more. This is a key barrier to overcoming obesity for many consumer communities. LaBreche is partnering with a technology company to launch a first-of-its kind online platform that is making healthy food choices easier and more affordable. The project is a unique partnership of health care insurers, grocery retailers, large employers and CPG food companies throughout the country.

Healthy Foods