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Current Sample Projects

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A Merger and a Purchase, at the Same Time

Most companies are referred to LaBreche by its past clients or by other PR agencies that don’t have as much experience communicating once-in-a-business-lifetime events or aren’t interested in project work. Recently, LaBreche was referred to two companies who were merging together and simultaneously being purchased by a private investor. The companies had been struggling with cash flow and were ready to receive new capital to reposition for the future. LaBreche used its proven change communications process, which brought peace of mind to the client, because LaBreche had done this before, many times over, and the process was effective and efficient. LaBreche’s keen ability to navigate through complexities, which were particularly prominent in this instance, given that the businesses had been operating for more than 100 years and many employees had been with the companies for decades.

Buying a Company Out of Bankruptcy

Private investors who trust LaBreche because they’ve brought the agency in to conduct communications for many of their deals, know that it is possible to have professional change communications that’s priced reasonably, when cash flow is an issue. This is particularly important when purchasing a business out of bankruptcy. LaBreche knows how to streamline the communications process to fit a client’s budget, while not compromising on the key opportunity to communicate the future of the business, under new ownership, to key stakeholders.



Multiple Location Crisis Planning

Companies that operate multiple locations need a comprehensive approach to crisis planning. Facility managers, employees, leaders all need to work together to understand what to do when an issue is brewing or the storm of a crisis hits. Who calls who? Who can talk to the media? How does a crisis plan integrate with an emergency response plan? And how can the plan cover every building, team and community where the company has a presence? LaBreche has experience working with 100+ location franchises, multi-branch corporate-owned locations – from caregiving facilities to school districts and retail stores and more.

When It’s Time to Change Your Agency

Companies benefit from having a seasoned communications professional, like Beth LaBreche, come in to evaluate and make recommendations as to whether their agency partner is still a good fit for the business’ needs. Recently, LaBreche lead the search for a manufacturer’s new B2B PR agency, while managing a critical product launch that had to go well, happening at the same time. In another case, LaBreche evaluated an agency and made a final recommendation to the client to limit spending on PR and reallocate funds to other more promising marketing strategies. LaBreche has its finger on which agencies are doing the best work right now, and which are aging out by continuing to practice traditional PR.


Heart Grass

Launching a Non-Profit, from the Ground Up

LaBreche was retained by the founder of a national health-focused non-profit to raise awareness of the organization and its cause. From strategic partnerships to national media coverage to media coaching, LaBreche provides ongoing guidance and execution of communication activities that drive the mission.

Interim Head of Global Communications for a Fortune 500 Company

A new CMO at a Fortune 500 company called on LaBreche to serve as interim leader of global communications during a time of change in its marketing group. This gave the CMO time to reorganize and recruit key talent to the position. During the search, LaBreche took on management of the team, communications strategy and planning, management of the budget and key relationships, and change communications at the company’s executive level. Because Beth LaBreche is an experienced, seasoned communicator with C-level experience, no onboarding for the assignment was needed. Communications continued, uninterrupted, while the CMO interviewed and hired a permanent communications leader, over the course of eight months. When the new leader arrived, LaBreche stayed for the period necessary to ensure this person was prepared to take over through knowledge-sharing, coaching and team members’ transition to the new supervisor.

Hands Holding Earth


Crisis Communications for Private Equity-Owned Companies

LaBreche is the preferred provider of crisis communications for companies owned by the leading Midwest private equity firm. Because the firm wants to protect the businesses and reputations of the companies it owns, it strongly encourages those companies to get crisis communications plans in place. And, when a crisis does strike, LaBreche is the go-to source for managing vital communications.

Bringing Traditional PR Programs into the Age of Modern Marketing

An international network of law firms called on LaBreche to assess the PR approach it had been using for many years. Because both the legal and PR industries are changing, the organization suspected there may be a better way to invest in and get more value from PR. The recommendation was a new approach to content marketing, with media placements as a key component, that would boost the company’s visibility and lead generation.



Agencies Without Strategists Work with LaBreche

A marketing agency with clients in need of strategy just lost their in-house strategist. They added LaBreche to their team on an “of-counsel” basis. Now, their team is complete (without the high cost of a FTE strategist), and they can offer branding, content and communications strategy to their clients.

Enhancing Visibility for Investment Fund

Partners at a successful fund that invests in women-owned businesses needed broader visibility to attract other funds for co-investing in their portfolio companies. The company turned to LaBreche to build thought leadership, particularly through content strategy and online content marketing.

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Management Meeting

New Role for Founder of Family Owned Business

The CEO of a national multi-location business must evolve to a new role as the visionary of the company. Traveling to meet face-to-face with teams throughout the U.S. is no longer possible. Yet, as the company experiences growth, this leader's engagement with managers and employees is as important as ever. LaBreche is strategizing new ways the CEO can reach and engage all employees, using technology and well-planned message cascading processes.

National Launch of Healthy Eating Incentive Technology Platform

Eating healthy costs more. This is a key barrier to overcoming obesity for many consumer communities. LaBreche is partnering with a technology company to launch a first-of-its kind online platform that is making healthy food choices easier and more affordable. The project is a unique partnership of health care insurers, grocery retailers, large employers and CPG food companies throughout the country.

Healthy Foods